LocLunch Founder organizes global music festival to help Ukraine

Music festivals are a tried-and-true fundraising method for crises and disasters over the years. Needed now more than ever, a benefit concert is rapidly being created to help people affected by the war in Ukraine. Recognizing the humanitarian disaster and tremendous need for funds, the benefit Artists for Ukraine music festival launches this coming weekend to feature Ukrainian and international musicians. 

Due to the urgency of the situation and increasing needs for funds, the concert is being quickly put together, with the webpage list of artists updating frequently as more join the cause. We spoke to Jan Hinrichs (Founder/CEO at Beluga Linguistics and LocLunch) and Ksenia Ashrafullina (Founder of Invisible City NPO) about their work on the benefit concert, slated for Sunday, March 20.

According to Hinrichs, the concert evokes the spirit of LiveAid in past years.

“We were thinking there must be some way to help people, to connect, to get thinking again, and get active (in terms of helping Ukraine),” he said. “We came up with music, because it’s the one force that brings people together. Then thinking of who could organize the concert, the one person I knew who could organize the concert was Ksenia.”

“We already have artists from more than 10 countries, sharing in their language the music of peace… and grief… to show the whole world is there together and we can re-establish some sanity,” Ashrafullina added.

According to the organizers, supporters can count on their money going to the right people.

“All donations collected will go directly to Ukrainian NGOs, with nothing spent on commissions,” Ashrafullina said. “To ensure musicians are paid fairly, Jan’s company Beluga Linguistics will cover artist fees.”

 “I’m really excited about this concert”, added Hinrichs. “My hope is that this concert will make an impact and we need all of you to join in to make it a great concert and give donations needed to help people on the ground.”

This is an immense opportunity for the localization industry to come together, to do something helpful, to take action at a time when we’ve been paralyzed by the situation.

Watch the event webpage Artists for Ukraine for details including applying to become a performer, how to become a sponsor, and how to attend through making your donation. 

Marina Gracen-Farrell
Marina Gracen-Farrell is a localization consultant, has been a localization manager and senior content developer for Pearson and language service providers in the past. She publishes a LinkedIn newsletter Localization, Explained, and a video interview series A Day in the Life.


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