Tetyana Struk

CEO at Linguistic Centre

CEO, Educator, Founder, Volunteer

Birky, Ukraine

I‘m truly thankful and honored to be recognized in this esteemed list of influencers. This honor reflects not just my efforts, but the hard work and spirit of the language industry community, which I proudly represent.
Since 1997, I’ve led the Ukrainian localization effort, driven by passion and dedication. This journey is about keeping our language lively and relevant globally, while respecting our cultural nuances. I’m grateful for the academic support I received, which allowed me to revolutionize translator training in Ukraine, introducing innovative concepts and raising our field’s standards. Being Ukraine’s first representative at global events and a regular speaker at conferences has amplified Ukraine’s voice internationally. As chapter manager of Women in Localization Ukraine, winning the 2023 STAR Award for my volunteer work has reinforced my belief in community and collaboration with peers.
Working in our industry highlights the crucial role of languages and communication. It equips you with tools that can literally save lives. When the war started, I began humanitarian work with CLEAR Global/Translators without Borders, providing language solutions in crisis situations, ensuring vital information reaches those in need.
My current role focuses on integrating Ukraine into the European context. I leverage my expertise to strengthen connections, and at every step of this activity the importance of language and communication in fostering international relations shows as crucial for development in all aspects.
This recognition honors the language industry’s vital role in connecting the world while respecting and cherishing unique cultural identities. Thank you for this esteemed honor and for letting me share the importance of our work.



Tetyana Struk is the best!

She is changing the world for the better.

Tetyana is an incredible woman — capable of doing the impossible — and is a true ambassador for her homeland. Even in the worst of times, she finds the strength to attend conferences and hold many professional events.


By Maria Malykhina

Tetyana is a prominent figure in Ukrainian localization. She is not only the CEO of Linguistic Centre, but also a lecturer and translation technology consultant for academia. She is a true example of professionalism, resilience, creativity, and optimism in one charismatic personality.


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