Marina Ilari

CEO at Terra Translations

CEO, Content Creator, Volunteer

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Reflecting on my two-decade journey in the language industry, I’m filled with immense gratitude for those who have supported and believed in me. Central to my inspiration is my mother and role model, the founder of our family business. Her saying, “Life is like a boomerang; what you give is what comes back,” has profoundly influenced my approach in business and life.

I can’t say I truly identify with the word “influencer,” perhaps because of the glamorous connotation that it has. The initiatives I get involved with are about effecting change and making a difference — whether it’s in a particular industry, community, or broader societal issues. If that’s influencing, then I’m all about it!

Volunteering, in particular, has allowed me to learn, grow, and teach simultaneously. I believe it to be the best example of my mom’s boomerang. I began my volunteering journey at the American Translators Association, where I volunteered for more than a decade, while also finding time to do mentorship programs and engage with organizations aligned with my fundamental values.

One of those organizations is Women in Localization. I want to give a special shout out to the colleagues that volunteer with me in the Los Angeles chapter. This amazing group has taught me about building community and creating a more inclusive and supportive environment in the localization industry.

I’m also deeply grateful to the clients that work with me, and especially those who believed in me from the start when my business was still small (you know who you are). Thank you for realizing that people are what matters most — working with kind, smart, driven, and collaborative team members is what makes partnerships shine.

Finally, I extend my deepest appreciation to the team at Terra Translations. Your dedication and talent make it possible for me to continue my mother’s legacy. You are not just my team; you are my source of daily inspiration.

Thank you for the great honor, MultiLingual magazine!



Marina has been a pioneer in her field and has encouraged and inspired everyone in her organization to develop their full potential. Both a dreamer and achiever, as CEO of a women-owned company and as a linguist with a passion for game localization, Marina is a role model to everyone around her.

Marina is the most fierce woman I know. She is the face, heart, and brain of her company, and she has managed to build the most wonderful team. She is kind and motivational, and she empowers everyone around her to be whoever they want to be.

Marina is an icon. She inspires me personally and professionally every day by being strong, smart, dedicated, and generous.

Marina is a powerhouse. She has a heart of gold.


By Dan Capello

Marina influences industry discussions through publications, webinars, and speeches with her distinct abilities and ingenuity. Marina promotes linguistic community engagement by pioneering new technologies. Her dedication to international relations, diversity, and inclusion, as well as her leadership in achieving global language industry goals, make her a perfect fit for MultiLingual magazine’s Influencer Issue.


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