Ngnaoussi Elongué Cédric Christian

Managing Director at Kabod Group

Author, Consultant, Content Creator, Founder

Accra, Ghana

I‘m honored and grateful to God to be included in this special issue of MultiLingual magazine, alongside great leaders who are advancing language services worldwide.

My journey started with a deep passion for elevating African culture and identity. As a young Afropolitan and while studying African history, I saw how languages influenced identity construction and realized it was impossible for any African nation to seriously advance without valuing and developing national languages. This awareness led me to establish Kabod Language services, with the goal of increasing the visibility of African languages and strengthening advocacy impact through collaboration. Most of the projects I initiated at Kabod Group are communities of practices and networks to amplify impact. These initiatives reflect my commitment to promoting collaboration within the African linguistic community. Some of them include:

  • Association of Language Companies in Africa (ALCA) to encourage professionalism, partnerships, and application of global standards by LSPs in Africa.
  • The Network of African Language Translators and Teachers (ALATT), a centralized platform fostering learning and collaboration among more than 1,400 professionals working in African languages.
  • Marketplace of African Language Translators & Interpreters (MATI), to ease access to jobs and opportunities among language professionals.

I also host the podcast on African Language Technologies and Tools, which celebrates innovators who create practical tools to ease the use of African languages, such as creating Igbo dictionaries, African keyboards, and Akan news websites. Additionally, I host Kabod Language Talks where several language professionals discuss trending issues in localization and language matters to come up with solutions.

It is my sincerest hope that representing Africa in MultiLingual magazine spurs more collaboration, so we can work collectively towards a truly multilingual future where all voices are heard. I am deeply thankful for this opportunity, and congrats to all other nominees, equally laboring to make inclusion through language a reality for all people.



Christian is a consummate professional, a leader, and a visionary.

Any individual who is presented with the opportunity to work with Mr. Elongué is set for a life-changing experience.

Christian is a critical thinker and great writer. He is excellent at conceiving theories and delving into detailed analysis.


By Tucker Johnson

Christian is a leading figure in the localization industry and has extensive experience conducting global research for major organizations. As a certified knowledge management professional, Christian provides critical services around research, training, and consulting to help companies engage diverse linguistic communities. His independent spirit and lifelong dedication to learning position him as a key leader in localization.


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