Renato Beninatto

Co-founder at Nimdzi Insights

Consultant, Educator, Founder

Seattle, USA

In the early 1990s, I began my journey with MultiLingual by placing advertisements in the magazine. Some (old) people still remember a small classified ad that encouraged readers to “Forget Asia! Latin America has as many consumers as Europe and only requires two languages.”

Over the years, my engagement deepened as I contributed articles, sharing my insights and experiences. The wealth of knowledge I gained through MultiLingual‘s comprehensive coverage of pivotal topics in the language industry has been invaluable and continues to enrich my understanding to this day.

MultiLingual has been an important channel along the several stages of my career in localization, introducing new technologies, featuring professionals from all over the world that contribute with their experience, snippets of news from small and large players, great sales leads, and information about competitors and partners that I have collected along the way.

It’s a humbling experience to be featured in this issue alongside many remarkable talents, especially knowing that our inclusion was based on nominations from our colleagues and peers. This recognition is a testament to the collaborative and inspiring spirit that thrives within our industry. Let’s remain committed to both inspiring others and drawing inspiration from the innovative thinkers and doers in our space!



Renato often leaves you with priceless “pearls of wisdom” when you engage with him. Make of them what you will. Keep the stories coming, Renato.

Renato has both expertise in the field of localization and talent to present his own vision of the industry.

Witty and insightful, Renato always has something pertinent to say. You always take something valuable away after a chat
with him.

His business acumen combined with years of experience, in-depth knowledge, and fresh insights have been a driving force behind many successful initiatives.

What’s not to like about Renato? He is fun, very smart, and well-respected in the industry. I am always amazed by his wealth of knowledge and sharp insights. Just ask him a question, sit back, and relax!


By Nertila Konda

It’s easy to look up to people like Renato, with his wealth of knowledge and experience helping shape the language industry. His reputation precedes him. But his contribution becomes all the more impressive when you see him use his voice to help causes that go beyond the daily localization business. He inspires and empowers people to become more involved with the community in order to make a positive impact. We need more leaders like Renato.


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