Sangeetha V

Sales Director-APAC at Summa Linguae Technologies

Consultant, Team Leader

Basaveshwar Nagar, India

I currently handle the APAC Sales of Summa Linguae Technologies for the three business lines: localization, managed services, and data solutions. I have been associated with the company since 2012, having handled varied roles; from handling human resources to building the Centre of Excellence of Managed Services to driving APAC Sales. I have been tenacious in pursuing new opportunities and growing them in the industry; so being an influencer is the need of the job.

With an MBA in human resources and experience in strategic talent acquisition and talent management during my early career, venturing into the localization industry wasn’t easy during my initial days. But my CEO Madhuri Hegde and then COO Rakhi Sundar (before our merger with Summa Linguae Technologies) channeled my skills and guided me in growing the “Managed Services Centre of Excellence,” which was not something a lot of localization companies in India offered during that period, thus bringing a competitive advantage for us. This division now brings the highest revenue for the APAC division, and I feel very proud when I see the growth of the division. Madhu Sundaramurthy — a friend, mentor, and colleague — is another person who has always motivated me in my journey in the localization industry.

When not at work, you can find me pursuing my fitness goals through regular gym workouts, a practice I’ve diligently maintained for several years. Exploring diverse culinary experiences is another hobby I cherish, alongside maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle. These aspects offer a glimpse into my interests beyond the corporate landscape.



Sangeetha has been exceptional when it comes to serving any client, and she is totally result-oriented.

Sangeetha is truly a team player.

Her passion, dedication, and motivation towards her work is commendable. She sets high goals and ensures that her team is successful. Her people skills and commitment make her an amazing leader.

Sangeetha inspires a lot of young people from her community.

Sangeetha is intelligent and hard-working. She is the brightest star in a pantheon of enterprising people.


By Anitha T

She has been the backbone of our team, and we have seen growth because of her enthusiasm and determination. She always listens and helps us in achieving our goal. She understands my work and has given me opportunities to learn. I am really thankful to be a part of her team.


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