Stefan Huyghe

Vice President of Localization at Communicaid

Content Creator, Educator, Team Leader, Volunteer

Keller, Texas, USA

Being recognized on MultiLingual magazine’s localization influencer list is a profound honor that symbolizes the culmination of a journey that started on LinkedIn only two years ago. At first, my engagement was a tentative exploration — sharing snippets of my professional experiences and learnings. I was stepping into a vast, unknown digital world, unaware of the impact it would have on my career and personal growth.

This voyage began as an exercise in self-expression, a way to articulate and share my insights and experiences in the localization industry. What I did not anticipate was how these simple acts of sharing would evolve into a powerful tool for professional development and personal healing. Each post, each interaction, became a stepping stone towards greater understanding and connection. I cherish all the profound friendships in the language industry I have found along the way.

My involvement in content creation, particularly within the localization field, has been transformative. It’s not just about broadcasting information; it’s about crafting narratives that resonate and inspire. My approach has been to weave personal anecdotes and professional insights into stories that not only inform but also connect with the audience on a deeper level.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned, and would like to share with others, is the importance of starting — regardless of the initial discomfort or fear. Writing and sharing ideas can feel daunting. The act of hitting “publish” can seem like a leap into the unknown. But embracing this journey, with all its uncertainties and opportunities for growth, is what leads to meaningful change and impact.

My message to fellow professionals is simple yet profound: Embrace your voice, however unsteady or imperfect it may seem. Allow your unique perspective to contribute to the tapestry of the translation industry.



Stefan is brilliant at coming up with topics to engage the masses, educating the industry at large about AI and more.

Stefan is one of the nicest people I know. He gives back to the localization community by sharing his knowledge and inviting others to speak on important topics. His Dallas Loc Lunches are always a great time.

Stefan is a leader in our industry, especially around de-mystifying AI. His presentations are clear, concise, and thought-provoking. He challenges us to think outside the box, which only helps to move the industry forward.

Stefan helped us navigate the tumultuous year 2023. His analysis of the various phenomena around generative AI in the localization business is hugely valuable to our community.


By Diego Cresceri

Stefan has made a significant impact in the localization industry through his insightful content. His curated AI series offers a deep well of knowledge to professionals in the field. Beyond content creation, Stefan has served as a contributor and speaker at various industry events. His presence has often been a highlight, enriching the discourse around localization and language technologies. On a more personal note, Stefan’s role as a mentor has been invaluable. This combination of professional expertise, active engagement, and personal mentorship makes Stefan an exemplary influencer.


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