Yanming Li

Senior Manager of Localization at Amazon

Program Manager, Team Leader

Belleville, New Jersey, USA

I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be included in this issue of MultiLingual magazine alongside illustrious peers in the localization industry. Ever since I helped “interpret” for the adults on an oversea trip at 10 years old, I have been hopelessly hooked on languages and culture. It has been a complete dream come true to work in this endlessly fascinating field.

All in all, I have been working in translation and localization for about 13 years. I hold a BA in Italian from the Dalian University of Foreign Languages and an MA in Conference Interpretation (ZH-EN) from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. My localization career started on the LSP side with Morningside Translations in New York City, where I worked my way up from a translator and QA editor, to a quality director; there, I learned a tremendous amount building internal translation teams.

In early 2022, I made the transition to the buyer side to Amazon. Over the past two years, I have been growing the Localization team and operations, and I have expanded my scope to managing English technical content. Owning technical writing, which is upstream of localization, has been an exciting development, and I am full of ideas to transform the content ecosystem, while balancing efficiency and quality.

I want to take this opportunity to thank two of the most remarkable ladies I know: Kathleen Bostick and Magda Jagucka. I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be where I am today without them. Coaching and mentoring are now a big passion for me, and it has been immensely gratifying to support others the way Kathleen and Magda have supported me along the way.



Yanming has her own way of optimizing processes and encouraging team members. She is always there as a leader, mentor, and friend.

Yanming is a highly energetic leader whose mere presence keeps the team motivated.

I’ve never met anyone who could get so much done so effectively. She always has her team’s wellbeing in mind, which translates to an incredible work atmosphere.

Yanming is brilliant and a rising star in the industry.

She has amazing vision and insight into how languages work.


By Alexandru Cristea-Nechita

Yanming is a gentle and yet determined manager, understanding well how each team member best contributes and providing them with a structure to flourish under more complex goals and tasks. The courage she displays every day by making bold and creative decisions is inspiring and is driving the entire team to become the best version it can be. With the mechanisms she has put in place, growth is set to happen organically in terms of both team members and program complexity.


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