#216 – June

Thinking Globally

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or many businesses, their marketing is their lifeblood. Any enterprise needs revenue to survive, and to achieve that revenue, executives have to reach the right customers or clients. For businesses with a bent toward international reach and ecommerce, that makes strong marketing paired with capable localization all the more important.

In this issue, we’re focused on the role of international marketing in growing a business. While the notion of reaching more customers is undeniably enticing, it’s vital to understand the market and the peoples and cultures that comprise it — otherwise, it’s possible to do more harm than good.

Luckily, there’s never been a more exciting or accessible time to take a business global, and this issue of MultiLingual is here to help. From advice on tailoring messaging to user experience tips to some of the automated tools that can help get the job done, this month’s contributors and interviewees are thinking through the issues of going global.

It’s a good reminder of the importance of quality localization. We’ve all heard stories about disastrous international launches due to simple oversights and ignorance, but the good news is it’s easier than ever to avoid those situations with the help of a few experts.



Scott Schwalbach: Thinking globally

Interview By Cameron Rasmusson

With clients from all over the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has no shortage of communication and language challenges to overcome. In this issue’s cover feature, MultiLingual editor-in-chief Cameron Rasmusson talked to AWS’ global program and release manager, Scott Schwalbach, about how the field of globalization has evolved throughout his career.



Mahendra Muralidhar: The cost of quality

Interview By Cameron Rasmusson

Few companies know more about globalization than Amazon. That’s why we talked to the company’s localization operations head, Mahendra Muralidhar, about the lessons he’s learned over the course of his career and his thoughts on the role that recent AI developments will play in the future of the industry.



The Great (Global) Renegotiation

By Nataly Kelly

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic shook things up work-wise. First there was the Great Reset. Then the Great Resignation. Now, there’s the Great Renegotiation — in her latest for the magazine, HubSpot’s Nataly Kelly takes a look at what makes the Great Renegotiation different from the movements before it and what it means for the future of labor around the world.