MasterWord’s Epic Integration Makes Connecting With Healthcare Interpreters Easy

MasterWord Services, Inc. announces the integration and availability of interpreting services through the Epic system, enabling access to the same live, remote language interpreters already supporting thousands of healthcare providers and patients nationwide. This integration marks a significant stride in enhancing communication in healthcare, ensuring convenient availability of essential language support for effective patient care.

The integration with Epic software offers hospital administrators an efficient and streamlined approach to language services. Healthcare providers gain instant access to professional interpreters in hundreds of languages directly within the Epic system, enhancing patient satisfaction and quality of care. This integration is a testament to MasterWord’s commitment to connecting people across language and culture, reflecting the same innovative spirit and vision that has been the company’s cornerstone for over 30 years.

MasterWord’s integration streamlines workflows, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care rather than administrative tasks. The system maintains adherence to healthcare regulations, including those specified in Section 1557 of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It achieves this by automatically recording every language service interaction in the patient’s electronic health record, ensuring a thorough and precise documentation of care.

Ludmila Golovine, president and CEO of MasterWord, states, “Our integration with Epic is a game-changer in the realm of healthcare communication. We are honored to offer a solution that not only streamlines the process for medical professionals but also significantly enhances the quality of care for patients facing language barriers. This step is in line with our commitment to safeguard equitable access to healthcare for all, especially as we see a nationwide increase in the need for rare and indigenous language support.”

MasterWord’s integration with Epic is now available to hospitals and healthcare systems seeking to improve their language services.

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