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Katharine Allen

Katharine Allen

If there is ever a "Language Industry Hall of Fame," Katharine will surely be among the inaugural inductees. Katharine is an established healthcare and community interpreter with over three decades of experience.

MasterWord’s Epic Integration Makes Connecting With Healthcare Interpreters Easy

This integration marks a significant stride in enhancing communication in healthcare, ensuring convenient availability of essential language support for effective patient care.

Hawaii to Expand Medical Interpretation Services

A new state bill could require Hawaii island hospitals to provide medical interpretation services for speakers of Micronesian languages such as Chuukese and Marshallese....

New Medical Interpreter Law Proposed

In the United States, there's already a federal law stating hospitals have to provide equal language access to limited English proficient (LEP) patients —...

New research on hospital interpreter use

The evidence that professional interpreters improve patient health is overwhelming — so why don't more American health care facilities provide interpreters? Two new studies...

Hospital adapts language plan after LEP deaths

Latino patients who don't speak English are 35 percent more likely to die from covid-19, Brigham and Women’s Hospital research suggests. Located in Boston,...