Memsource and Phrase Launch a New Joint Identity

As the demand for efficient localization grows and global success efforts entail more complex processes, a localization solution that brings transparency, connectivity, and control becomes a key competitive advantage. With this in mind, two leading localization tech companies, Phrase and Memsource, unveiled a new unified identity and an integrated localization suite to cover all aspects of localization across an enterprise.

The beginning of the journey

Phrase and Memsource shared a vision to take localization to the next level through an enterprise-grade, end-to-end localization solution. Combining the expertise of each company to build the next generation of translation automation for the full range of enterprise localization needs was the logical next step. Memsource had built an unrivaled, full-fledged translation management system catering to enterprise business needs, while Phrase had honed in on software localization, enabling continuous localization workflows for development teams. Unifying the two platforms under one integrated suite allows enterprises to take control of cross-departmental localization by eliminating fragmented ecosystems of people and technology.

Georg Ell, Phrase’s CEO, said it best: “We show up to make a difference every day and help every business unlock the opportunity that localization offers in driving global growth. Our suite is built on the shoulders of giants—our customers, partners, and employees—and we’re excited to see what the future holds for us, together.”

A familiar name for a new era

Memsource was founded in 2010 by David Čaněk. Its name was coined as a combination of “translation memory” and “source” as a way to describe the key functionality of the software. As the platform has evolved into a full-featured translation management system for enterprises, the name no longer fits the system’s advanced capabilities.

After long consideration, the team was eventually drawn to the name “Phrase” because it best reflects both the joint identity and suite the team is building. The term “Phrase” has universal character across cultures and languages, and alludes to the nuances of languages encountered during localization.

The new Phrase logo incorporates the shape of the letter P from “Phrase” into an opening door—symbolizing the possibilities that globalization can offer businesses and the idea that with Phrase, you can open doors to new markets. The fresh new look and feel centers around the “Phrase green” which is inspiring and vitalizing.

The all-new Phrase Localization Suite

The all-new Phrase Localization Suite is a complete localization solution bringing together a highly integratable software localization platform, Phrase Strings (formerly Phrase), and an enterprise-ready translation management system, Phrase TMS (formerly Memsource), to cover all aspects of localization across an organization. Full visibility and control over localization processes while supporting scaling needs are now possible with a single system.

A new way to do localization

The new Phrase Localization Suite signals a new era for the localization industry. Through automation and artificial intelligence, high quality, scalable, and fast localization is now possible for all businesses, opening up new opportunities in the global market.

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