Phrase Advances Hyperautomation With AI-Powered Localization Enhancements

The enhancements include a GenAI-MT translation engine, automated asset curation, and upgrades to Phrase Portal — driving efficiency and cost savings for businesses.

How Hyperautomation and AI Are Redefining the Future of Localization and Personalization

Already a leading translation management software company, Phrase is taking automation to the next level. MultiLingual spoke with Chief Product Officer Simone Bohnenberger-Rich and Vice President of AI Research Alon Lavie about why hyperautomation is a fundamental stepping stone towards engaging users in a uniquely personalized way.

Phrase Accelerates Hyperautomation in Localization with AI-Powered Enhancements

Phrase's latest advancements in AI-led translation technology include Auto LQA and AI Actions, along with a new portal and MT customization.

Introducing Phrase Expert: Your AI-Powered Virtual Localization Partner

The custom GPT is built to help users research best practices and refine use cases to support business objectives. It also provides insights into effective project management methodologies as well as facilitating quality assurance in localization processes.

12 Translation Management Systems

What makes a translation management system (TMS) unique? Which one fits the needs of my business? We compare 12 prominent TMSs based on features like pricing, file formats, deployment models, and APIs.

Phrase Unveils Quality Performance Scoring to Unlock the Power of AI

Explore Phrase's latest innovations in localization technology with the introduction of Phrase Quality Performance Score.

Phrase and Vistatec Announce Strategic Partnership to Elevate Localization Solutions

The collaboration combines the expertise of Phrase in end-to-end localization technology with the best-of-breed language services of Vistatec, delivering unified and comprehensive localization solutions to customers worldwide.

Georg Ell Phrase CEO

When it comes to the modern language technology business, keeping your eye on the ball is essential. It's a complicated, ever-changing world, which won't come as a novel observation to anyone who has been paying attention to the past few years.

Phrase continues to define next-generation localization software with new AI-Driven Technology capabilities

The latest AI-fueled enhancements transform the end-to-end translation process, for faster delivery times, higher-quality translations and greater cost control Boston, USA, September 13, 2023 –...