Montana Language Services Attends JUNTOS LATAM Summit

LIMA, PERU – Montana Language Services, a leading provider of translation and interpretation services across the Rocky Mountain West, recently attended the prestigious VAMOS JUNTOS conference in Lima, Peru. This event brings together industry leaders in language services from Latin America and the Caribbean. 

With a growing population of Spanish speakers and multilingual workers in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, Montana Language Services has been at the forefront of improving language accessibility for rural communities since 2018. Their professional translators and interpreters cover over 40 languages and serve various industries including construction and building, agriculture & farming, legal, healthcare, education, and community organizations.

“Attending VAMOS JUNTOS was an incredible honor that allowed us to learn from the very best in the language industry,” said Kendall Levinson, owner and CEO of Montana Language Services. “I can’t even count how many valuable insights and best practices we gained to raise our service standards and better support the communication needs across the rural Rocky Mountain region.”

By tapping into the expertise shared at this esteemed multinational conference, Montana Language Services reinforces its commitment to breaking down language barriers and fostering understanding between diverse cultures in remote areas of the Rocky Mountain West.

About Montana Language Services

Founded in 2018, Montana Language Services provides comprehensive translation, interpretation, and language access solutions to clients throughout Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. With a team of highly qualified linguists, they ensure clear communication across over 40 languages for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

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