MultiLingual announces media partnership with ANETI

In a move that highlights the growing collaboration between media and professional associations, the National Association of Translation and Interpretation Companies (ANETI) is proud to announce its recent alliance with MultiLingual, the leading global magazine in the translation sector and an essential source of news and insights at the intersection of language, technology, international business and culture since 1987.

Building off successful collaborations with other leading international associations, MultiLingual magazine brings its experience and global reach to the heart of the translation and interpretation community in Spain. The magazine is a pillar in the industry, connecting global business and the language industry for over three decades.

Key details of the agreement include:

Joint promotion: MultiLingual will amplify ANETI’s voice to its global audience, putting the association, its associates, and such notable events as the ANETI Congress on the map.

Associate benefits: In an unprecedented offer, all ANETI members will receive a free online subscription to MultiLingual for one year, opening doors to a rich source of knowledge and industry trends.

Webinars and training: Following MultiLingual‘s tradition of collaborating in continuing education, webinar series and training sessions will be offered exclusively for ANETI members.

Collaborative content: MultiLingual and ANETI will co-create relevant content that addresses the challenges and opportunities of the sector, ensuring that the Spanish perspective is well represented.

Joint events: Both parties will co-organize events, workshops, and conferences, promoting interaction between professionals and strengthening the network of industry contacts.

This alliance not only reflects the commitment of both entities to promote excellence in the world of translation and interpretation but also underlines the importance of global collaboration in an industry that, by nature, transcends borders.

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