The 4th Spanish National Translation Conference to take place on May 17 and 18 in Madrid

Madrid, 3 May 2023 – The Spanish National Association of Translation and Interpreting Companies (ANETI) is organizing the 4th National Translation Conference, an event for companies and professionals in the translation and interpreting industry. The conference will be held on 17 and 18 May at Casa Árabe in Madrid.

The goal of this edition of the translation conference is to create a platform for dialogue and reflection on the present state and future prospects of the profession. The conference seeks to enhance the competitiveness of industry companies and to promote business relationships among them.

This event is geared primarily towards translation companies, company heads, translators, project managers, university professors, researchers, and industry suppliers.

Alicia Varela, Director General for International Trade and Investment of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, will inaugurate the conference with an introductory presentation titled “The internationalization of the Spanish economy in the current global scenario”. This presentation will set the stage for the conference, emphasizing the significance of the translation and interpreting industry in the globalized economy of the 21st century.

The ANETI 2023 Conference program will address several topics of interest for translation and interpreting professionals, structured into three thematic segments.

The first segment will concentrate on the future of the sector, major trends and the role of translation companies and professionals in a rapidly changing world. The impact of artificial intelligence on the market and how companies can position themselves in the face of this reality will be analyzed.

The second segment will address technology applied to productivity and developments in language services. Advances in interpreting-related technology will be explored, as well as the impact of the digital age on translation technologies and their evolution. Project management will also be highlighted in the program, focusing on the integration of machine translation tools into workflows and offering guidance on selecting the most suitable one. Finally, the key role the project manager plays in a translation company’s operations will be highlighted and the translation of anonymized texts, a new trend driven by the GDPR regulation, will be discussed.

The third and final segment will focus on aspects related to business management, particularly regarding work-life balance, remote work, and the issue of ‘false freelancers’ in the translation industry. The discussion will also include the implementation of the four-day workweek and its potential impact on companies and professionals within the industry.

The 4th Translation Conference, organized by ANETI, will culminate with a roundtable where the conclusions of each block will be presented, and attendees will be encouraged to engage in discussion. Chaired by Arancha Caballero, president of ANETI, this roundtable will be attended by representatives from different industry associations, including ASPROSET, AICE and LANGUNE, who will share their perspectives and experiences to enrich the discussion and exchange of ideas.

This event presents an unparalleled opportunity for translation and interpreting companies and professionals to engage in professional development, networking, and gain visibility. It offers a platform where they can exchange experiences and insights in an ever-evolving and dynamic environment.

For more information on the IV Conference program and registration details, please visit the ANETI website:


The Spanish National Association of Translation and Interpreting Companies (ANETI) is dedicated to bolstering the translation and interpreting industry while also facilitating the internationalization of Spanish companies.

Currently, it has sixty translation and interpreting companies from twelve autonomous communities as members, as well as two international companies. Its aim is to foster quality in language services, promote professional development among industry professionals, represent its member companies and cultivate relationships with other stakeholders in the translation and interpreting industry.

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