Pairaphrase Integrates Google Drive Into Its AI Translation Product

The Google Drive integration with Pairaphrase’s AI-powered translation management system delivers additional time savings for users.

Enterprise translation software company Pairaphrase announced today a Google Drive integration for its AI-powered translation management system. The goal is to provide an improved translation experience and deliver additional time savings for Pairaphrase users who manage their files with Google Drive.

The integration allows seamless access to Google Drive files within the Pairaphrase platform. Users can import files to Pairaphrase directly from their Google Drive accounts for translation. Once translated, users can export the files back into their Google Drive accounts. Users can translate a batch of files composed of any combination of Docs, Slides, Sheets and PDFs.

It eliminates manual file downloads and uploads for Pairaphrase Google Drive users to streamline the translation process and save users additional time and effort.

“This integration further simplifies the translation workflow for many of our users,” says Pairaphrase Chief User Engagement Officer, Rick Woyde. “Now, they can work on their Google files as seamlessly as possible. Pairaphrase makes it fast, safe and easy to translate files from Google Drive. This integration is consistent with our mission of making translation simple and is the first of more integrations to come.”

Pairaphrase puts advanced translation technologies into the hands of everyday business and education users to reduce the time and costs associated with the production of secure, high-quality translations. For more information about Pairaphrase, please contact Rick Woyde at or visit

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