Smartling Announces Launch of AI Translation Toolkit

Smartling, Inc., the LanguageAI TM translation company, today announced the AI Translation Toolkit, the only end-to-end AI augmentation product for translation workflows. With the AI Translation Toolkit, Smartling is making cutting-edge AI translation features available to our customers’ own language service providers, translating in
the Smartling LanguageAI TM Platform.

“Every business leader in the world is focused on delivering an AI strategy,” said Smartling CEO Bryan Murphy. “AI Translation Toolkit does exactly that by enabling our customers to access cutting-edge AI features that are proven to dramatically improve the quality, cost, and speed of their translators’ work. In fact, our experience is that the AI Translation Toolkit can reduce translator cost and turnaround by 50% while delivering human quality MQM scores of 98+.”

Unlike competing solutions that deliver only fragments of what’s needed, the AI Translation Toolkit combines all the necessary capabilities into one elegant, easy-to-use solution, enabling customers to achieve outcomes similar to Smartling’s own AI-powered Human Translation (AIHT). Customers can enjoy these benefits using their own translators, language service providers, or internal staff. And because Smartling customers can innovate with AI without having to buy and integrate different technologies from various vendors, purchasing and implementation are easy. The AI Translation Toolkit uses LLMs to increase translation memory and glossary leverage, improve post-processing, and feature an AI edit effort evaluation tool, resulting in high-quality, cost-effective translations.

Here’s how these features work and how Smartling customers will benefit:

● AI Translation Memory – The AI Translation Toolkit advances what’s possible with translation memory. In addition to applying SmartMatches and high fuzzy matches, the AI Translation Toolkit performs fuzzy match repair using LLMs, increasing leverage over current translation memory by up to 35 percentage points. This expanded coverage saves Smartling AI Translation Toolkit customers both money and time.

● AI Glossary Term Insertion – The AI Translation Toolkit takes traditional glossary term insertion to the next level by ensuring that substitutions fit the context of the string and are grammatically correct, rather than just replacing the term. Additionally, it automates content and format cleanups to address issues such as white spaces, missing or extra tags, and placeholders to reduce errors in published content. These features improve quality and allow more of the glossary to be used with machine translation.

● Edit effort estimation – The AI Translation Toolkit assesses the level of editing effort per string and sorts the strings into three categorical levels. It dynamically routes the strings by category based on user preferences (to human evaluation or straight to publishing). Users benefit by getting greater insight into the edits required on machine translation outputs. This feature also enables users to skip human editing or reduce editing costs for certain strings after tracking performance in Smartling’s AI Translation dashboard.

Smartling has proven that these features, when used with human validation, deliver human-level quality (98 or higher MQM) at half the cost and twice the speed of traditional human translation. In addition to enjoying the savings and speed of the AI Translation Toolkit, organizations that embrace this game-changing solution will be investing in the future. Smartling will continue to add AI Translation Toolkit features to drive additional efficiencies.

“The AI Translation Toolkit is Smartling’s latest innovation to advance our strategy of using the power of LanguageAI TM to deliver high-quality translations more affordably and faster – so that everyone can benefit,” said Murphy. “This empowers our customers to get a better first translation and grow their global reach quickly, even if their translation budgets stay the same.”

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