Supertext positions itself for growth with new structure and leadership

The Swiss language service provider is streamlining its translation and  localization business into three new divisions: Supertext Creative, Corporate  and Digital Solutions. Kristy Sakai, Laura Fernández and Patricia Kamer are  taking over management from the company’s founders. 

Supertext has come a long way since its foundation in 2005. In 2021, the company  reported a 36% growth in year-over-year revenue to USD 21.5 million. “We are  outgrowing our status as a creative challenger in the language industry,” explains  Laura Fernández, the new CEO of Supertext Corporate. “We have become a global  player with a strong reputation for quality at scale,” adds Kristy Sakai, CEO of  Supertext Creative. 

Today, nearly 100 full-time employees in Zurich, Berlin and Los Angeles coordinate  the work of more than 3,000 copywriters and translators for international clients from  all industries, handling more than 6,000 localization projects every month. 

Three specialized divisions to meet every  language need 

The reorganization enables Supertext to keep growing while remaining agile. Each  division will focus on its strengths to meet different client needs while also working  together to leverage each other’s abilities under one Supertext brand. 

Supertext Creative Solutions is the global transcreation and localization division focusing on multinationals and scale-ups looking for a creative agency that can  provide premium language quality. Operating from Los Angeles, California, Supertext  Creative aims to become THE name for transcreation, multimedia localization and  multilingual copywriting in the language industry. 

Supertext Corporate Solutions is the full-service division focusing on enterprises looking for a one-stop solution in Europe. With experienced teams in Zurich and 

Berlin, Supertext Corporate creates custom solutions to meet client needs in almost  any industry, with solutions ranging from specialist translation and customized  machine translation workflows to content creation at scale. 

Supertext Digital Solutions is the technology division. It will continue to develop  Supertext’s proprietary translation management system (TMS) and provide IT  infrastructure, support and integrations. It will also attract clients by developing  innovative localization technology tools. 

New top management hired from within 

After more than 16 years, Supertext’s founders Rinaldo Dieziger, Fabian Dieziger and  Rémy Blättler are stepping down as Managing Partners and will oversee the direction  of Supertext as board members and company owners: 

“We are super proud that we were able to fill key roles in leadership with long standing and well-respected industry professionals from within Supertext.” 

Kristy Sakai will lead Supertext Creative as CEO – a role she’s already familiar with.  Kristy joined Supertext almost a decade ago as a language manager and knows the  company inside out. She has been spearheading Supertext’s expansion to the United  States since 2016 and is ready to write the next chapter of its success story. 

Laura Fernández is CEO of Supertext Corporate. Laura has had a long career in the  industry as a language specialist, project manager, key account manager and head of  sales. After joining Supertext in 2015, she quickly moved into the role of COO and  deputy CEO, and has managed daily operations at Supertext in Switzerland ever since.  In her new role, Laura will be supported by COOs Lucas Maire and Diego Mosca in  Zurich and Berlin respectively. 

Patricia Kamer took over Supertext’s technology team as Head of IT earlier this  year. After 13 years at major LSPs, Patricia brought her vast experience to Supertext  in 2020. A translator by trade but a techie at heart, she will now focus on  transforming Supertext’s internal IT department into Supertext Digital.

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