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Component-Based Systems: A cure for the common TMS cold

The idea of a completely centralized global content hub sounds appealing on the surface, but what happens when the TMS itself becomes a liability? With organizations generating more content than ever thanks to AI, Didzis Grauss argues that we need to transform how we manage and deliver content to audiences around the world.

Straker Launches LanguageCloud: a “no platform” solution making light work of...

By utilizing Slack and Teams integrations, this powerful solution makes it seamless to submit requests, accept quotes, receive job updates, and receive translated files.

Crowdin’s Enterprise TMS Offers Organizations Much-Needed Security and Customization

In addition to plentiful app integrations, Crowdin Enterprise offers high-caliber security, myriad customization options, and 24/7 priority support.

Crowdin: Continuous Translation Made Easy With 600+ Apps and Integrations

Most organizations create customer-facing content across various tools every day. Wouldn’t it be great if your localization software could connect directly with each tool for a super efficient translation workflow?

CaptionHub and Memsource sign strategic alliance for multimedia localization

CaptionHub and Memsource have announced a global strategic alliance. With the goal of providing advanced localization capabilities for multimedia and for enterprises scaling their subtitling output and synthetic dubbing, this partnership is a response to market demand which has seen an increase of 500% in subtitle minutes reported from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022. 

New data on what CX customers want most

Language is the number one reason why customer service organizations can't maintain message consistency. That's one of the insights provided in machine translation provider...

The Future of Language Technology: Understanding When to Use Language Translation...

SPONSORED: Are you a Korean app developer ready to crack the US and Chinese markets? Is your Silicon Valley unicorn ready for its first,...

Weekly Shorts | January 22, 2021

TransPerfect revenue up 11.5 percent TransPerfect has announced a 2020 year-end revenue of 852 million USD. This is a roughly 11.5 percent increase over 2019's...

Considerations in choosing an enterprise-level TMS

It can be difficult to put the variety of offerings into context simply by studying and comparing marketing materials or feature lists. Begin instead with a list of your own criteria. Enterprise customers may be interested in TMS for a variety of reasons, including automation, cost savings, transparency, process ownership, branding consistency across business units, improved context, increased speed of workflow, multivendor support and the list goes on. How do you choose?

Ten questions to ask about translation technology

Because of the inefficiency and expense of traditional translation, it’s no wonder companies are looking for options that are faster and more cost efficient....

Disruptive innovation in translation management systems

It wasn't all that long ago that computer-aided translation tools and translation memory (TM) were a new concept. By the late 1990s, language service...