The Linguistic Service Sector Between Rhetoric and Reality

It is crucial to abandon a falsely optimistic narrative often used for marketing purposes. While the linguistic sector might have a bright future, the benefits will not be evenly distributed.

Aligning Values: Fostering productivity and efficiency in the age of the...

A smart company features a flexible management and working style that emphasizes a healthy work-life balance.

ASTW announces new Business Development Manager, Myrelle Miranda, as part of...

ASTW welcomes Myrelle Miranda, our new Business Development Manager: she will help us extending our global reach exploring new business opportunities.

ASTW launches campaign to support Ukraine

With the campaign "1 for all, all for Ukraine" ASTW SPECIALISED TRANSLATION invites all Language Service Providers and in general all language professionals to donate 1% of their monthly turnover to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

ASTW announces strategic alliance with VALIPY

ASTW, an Italy-based LSP specializing in Intellectual Property (IP), announced the strategic alliance with VALIPY (valipy.com). VALIPY is in the same holding company as ASTW...