ASTW announces new Business Development Manager, Myrelle Miranda, as part of the company’s growth strategy

Breaking news: our team is growing! ASTW welcomes Myrelle Miranda, our new Business Development Manager: she will help us extending our global reach exploring new business opportunities.

She has a degree in languages obtained in Brazil, and a Master in Business Administration obtained in Italy. She specialises in the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking markets, learning how to adapt to find the ideal solution for every need through dialogue.

She is Brazilian, but don’t be afraid to speak with her in English, Spanish, Italian or French.

Fun fact: she was told at school she wasn’t talented for languages. Fun fact 2: she is adding German to the list.


ASTW Specialised Translation is a language service provider based in Genoa, Italy. ASTW has a deep focus on legal, IP (Intellectual Property) and life science translations. The company provides translations in more than 20 different languages. We are ISO 17100:2015, ISO 18587: 2017 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The company also provides medical writing services. ASTW medical writing services are provided by highly qualified medical writers with experience in all clinical and therapeutic fields.

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