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Bolingo Consult Launches Ami Series, a children’s book on the environment...

Bolingo Consult launched “Ami Series” a children’s book on the environment in December 2022 in Arusha, Tanzania.  The Ami Series is authored by Ami D. Christelle Zami. The book introduces children aged 6 to 14 to concepts such as Climate Change, caring for nature, tree planting, recycling and other environmental issues in their mother tongue.

Bolingo Launches the First Website in the Akan Language

This month, Bolingo published a news website, Akan Kaseɛbɔ (www.akannews.com) in two of the Akan languages: Asante Twi and Fante. Akan Kaseɛbɔ, meaning “Akan News,” is the first online platform that has every string translated into the Akan language.