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Five tips for running a localization business in China through COVID-19

Going through a financial crisis while your country is on lockdown is an experience we will most likely never forget. But even in this time of uncertainty, it could be an experience that will make your team stronger. Our company survived the COVID-19 crisis in China, and we took steps to ensure the business has not suffered any financial losses.

“Top” advertisements generate top dollar for companies — in fines

China’s state news agency, Xinhua, released two updated style guides on the tail of China’s 2015 advertising law overhaul. Faced with these new regulations, foreign companies have experienced increased difficulties in the last few years when promoting products in the PRC.

Localization and mobile in Asia

It’s happened: the most populous country in the world has almost reached peak smartphone saturation among internet users. 788 million people are mobile users, a whopping 98 percent of the country’s total user base,” Statista notes. This “illustrates just how efficient China has proven at rolling out network coverage as well as how mobile technology has become an indispensable facet of everyday life in the country.”

West meets East: Personalizing for Asia

One size does not fit all. In this day and age, highly divergent markets have prevented companies from adhering to one fixed formula. When...

Building professional relationships in Asia

It is true that the Northeast Asian countries, particularly Korea, China and Japan, share a lot in common. In fact, it could be argued that...

Going Native: Chinese Mobile UX

Shout out for a great article by Dan Grover (@dangrover), writing about Chinese mobile app user interface trends. Dan relocated from San Francisco to China,...

Number Isn't Up for Global Website ASCII URLs

Nice piece on NPR (U.S. National Public Radio) called Chinese Find Number URLs Easier Than Letters.  The piece has some interesting examples  from China about...

Google Glass Exploration: A Global Heads Up

If you're a fan of the cultural dimensions of information and communications technology and also into wearables, then you might like to play at...