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An Cód: Craicing the Code in Irish

It’s often assumed that computing coding lessons are always taught in English because most (though not all) programming languages use English language syntax. Not so. Take this great example of learning to code in Irish (Gaeilge), part of the Hour of Code initiative in 2016, thanks to computer science professor Kevin Scannell (@kscanne), from Saint Louis...


Blame Florida. Again: Is Coding Just Another Language?

An interesting debate: Is coding just another language? Some people in Florida seems to think so, and the Senate there is set to act. For me, this “let’s-all teach-little-kids-coding” stuff is about parental fears, blind ignorance about what constitutes a core competency and non-exportable skill (such, as say, “design”), and a living embodiment of that Shavian observation about us...


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