DeepL announces $300 million investment at $2 billion valuation

With a focus on continued product development and global expansion, DeepL aims to empower companies to communicate seamlessly across languages.

Supercharge ROI With AI Translation: DeepL’s economic impact study by Forrester

DeepL's AI translation tech, as highlighted in Forrester's Total Economic Impact study, can streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

DeepL launches AI-powered “Write Pro” to supercharge business communication

Write Pro, the latest AI writing assistant from DeepL, generates real-time suggestions on phrasing, style, and tone.

Doc3™ Announces Enhancements to Its CAT Tool for Professional Translators

The computer-assisted translation tool by idioma Co., Ltd. has new features like the DeepL API Connector and advanced Translation Memory management.

Exclusive industry insights: Explore DeepL’s 2023-2024 report on the state of localization

There’s no getting around it—localization is a crucial investment for global companies. Why? It allows businesses to meet consumers where they’re most comfortable: in...

Pocketalk Pursues $1 Billion IPO Amid Crowded Field and Questions on Mainstream Appeal

Pocketalk, creator of Japan's top-selling voice translator, plans to list on Nasdaq within two years with an ambitious $1 billion valuation. However, industry experts...

The Week in Review: August 11, 2023

In the language services industry, DeepL is practically a household name. And it looks like it’s becoming one outside the industry as well: It was...

DeepL, Write, and penetrating AI

While it’s too early to make firm statements, it’s not unlikely that linguistic AI labs like DeepL or large language models (LLM) such as GPT-3 will be embedded in different steps of the translation process. The increasing penetration of AI in language services is keeping industry analysts busy as potential disruptions now need to be defined.

DeepL learns Ukrainian

This year’s most requested language, Ukrainian, is now live on DeepL Translator, bringing our total number of languages to 29.