The State of AI in Game Localization

The integration of AI into video and computer game localization is transforming how developers approach their work and how players experience gaming. Mimi Moore explains AI’s impact on inclusivity, indie developers, real-time localization, and game quality across languages and cultures.

Chris Reynolds: Exporting Dreams

As the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Localization and Fulfillment at Deluxe, his job is to make film and television comprehensible in foreign languages while preserving the original content’s emotion, narrative cohesion, and overall impact.

2G Digital Post and XL8 Team Up to Provide Hybrid AI for Captioning and Localization

The partnership between 2G Digital Post and XL8 changes the media and entertainment industry with AI-powered translation solutions.

On the Importance of Creative Strategy in Media Localization

Creative strategy ensures that localized versions are linguistically and culturally authentic while staying true to the artist’s intended meaning, tone, and purpose.

Acolad Launches AI-Powered Voice-Over Solution

The new solution ensures impactful synthetic voice-over and dubbing using the latest speech synthesis technology.

ZOO Digital Expands Operations in India With New Chennai Facility

The new production facility underscores ZOO Digital's commitment to meeting the globalization needs of the entertainment industry's biggest names.

Video Dubbing Is Easy With Two New AI Tools

Last week, two New York-based startups each released a video dubbing tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that aims to preserve the speaker’s voice in different languages.

Voiseed Announces the Appointment of Dr. Páraic Sheridan to Board of Directors

— Voiseed, an innovative start-up specializing in expressive synthetic voices for Games & Media localization, today announced the appointment of Dr. Páraic Sheridan...

Dubbing professionals on strike in Italy

With the rise of technology that can emulate the tone and quality of any given speaker’s voice in multiple languages, the idea that studios could produce dubs using a given actor’s voice without ever having to actually work with that voice actor is a pretty fair concern.