English learners

From Isolation to Inclusion, Language Services Promote Equal Education

We here at Interpreters Unlimited urge schools to prioritize language interpretation and document translation services to ensure that every student receives the education they deserve.

Need Practice Speaking English? Meet Your New Tutor: Google Search

Everyone knows Google’s search engine can help them find just about anything. But did you know it can also help people improve their English-speaking abilities?

US Department of Education awards $120 million to improve education for English learners

The DOE’s Office of English Language Acquisition has spearheaded the National Professional Development (NPD) program to build, strengthen, and support a nationwide network of educators suited to working with students who are learning English as a second or other language.

Rhode Island Superior Court rules to enhance education for English learners

Since 2016, advocacy groups in Rhode Island have been calling on the state’s Department of Education to provide English learners with a more specialized educational framework in accordance with the regulations of the state.

Study Highlights Need for Education in Native Language

In one of the largest studies of written language development among bilingual students to date, a team of researchers at universities across the United...