The Importance of Inclusive Language and Cultural Competency in Queer Healthcare

How can language professionals help improve healthcare for LGBTQ+ individuals? Adriel Maroni argues that using gender-neutral terminology, allowing for self-identification, and exercising open-mindedness goes a long way towards fostering inclusive and culturally competent care.

The Essential Role of Specialized Translators at the AI and Life Sciences Nexus

Luciana Ramos argues that the symbiotic relationship between AI-driven solutions and human expertise is crucial in navigating the complexities of medical and scientific content and in improving the output of localization in these fields.

Survey on GenAI in Healthcare Finds Practitioners Prefer Industry- and Task-Specific Models

First Generative AI in Healthcare Survey Uncovers Trends, Challenges, and Best Practices in Generative AI among Healthcare and Life Sciences Practitioners LEWES, Del., April 23,...

Acolad accredited for healthcare interpreting in the Netherlands

Discover how Acolad's Dutch unit achieves ISO 21998 certification, enhancing interpreting services in healthcare.

Clinical and Tonal Accuracy

Clinical and Tonal Accuracy Language service planning under consolidated EU-CTR regulations BY DANIELA RUGHETTI AND STEPHANE MILLET Translation of clinical trial submissions and follow-up responses to requests...

Asian Americans with LEP face unique barriers in healthcare, researchers say

A recent study published by the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Institute found that Asian Americans with limited English proficiency (LEP) face unique language barriers compared to other groups with high levels of LEP.

Oregon’s healthcare interpreter law goes into effect next week

Beginning next week, non-English-speaking residents of Oregon will benefit from expanded language access measures in the state’s healthcare system. House Bill 2359 (HB 2359) addresses...

Akorbi’s Virtual Summit Sponsorship Spotlights Need for Qualified ASL Interpreters in Healthcare Settings

Organized on the theme, “Ascending in the New Normal,” this virtual summit is designed to provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters with a professional platform to learn from and collaborate with Deaf and hard of hearing stakeholders, medical interpreters and medical professionals.

Massachusetts General Hospital clinicians detail language access strategy amid COVID-19

A paper recently published in the American Journal of Medical Care is shedding light on the importance of providing language access services in the healthcare setting — even before a patient makes their appointment.