Acolad accredited for healthcare interpreting in the Netherlands

Acolad, the global leader in content and language solutions, just added a new accreditation to its already comprehensive list of quality standards. Through the certification of its Dutch entity for the ISO 21998 standard, Acolad enhances the quality of interpreting services for spoken and signed communication between health institutions and patients The new certification also establishes higher standards for healthcare interpreting training and the professional development of interpreters in the field. 

Although applicable to the overall operations of Acolad in the Netherlands, the new certification is particularly relevant to the Acolad Academy, the group’s non-profit accredited training institution for Permanent Education of Interpreters and Translators. The Academy’s goal is to continuously support the professional development and qualification of interpreters and translators and respond to market and government demands in the Netherlands.

“This new certification is a reassurance for both healthcare providers and patients of our commitment to providing the best quality services and our focus on the professional development of our interpreters,” said Sylvie Versteylen, Acolad’s Senior Vice-President and General Manager Europe. “Thanks to the ISO 21998, the Acolad Academy can develop targeted training programs to help interpreters expand their knowledge and skills, in alignment with international best practices in healthcare interpreting.”

As a result of this achievement, interpreters trained by the Acolad Academy will have the necessary expertise to provide high-quality interpreting services in the medical setting, such as health-related competencies, linguistic proficiency, as well as intercultural and interpersonal skills. This benefits both healthcare institutions and patients by ensuring the availability of professional interpreters who can facilitate effective communication and understanding between healthcare providers and patients, regardless of language and cultural barriers. This certification is a testament to Acolad’s commitment in ensuring the highest quality in the services it provides.

For more information on the Acolad Academy please see here. Additional details on Acolad’s interpreting services are available here.

About Acolad 

Acolad is the global leader in content and language solutions. Its mission is to support companies in every industry to scale across markets and enable growth through cutting-edge technology and localization expertise. Established in 1993, the group is present in 25 countries across Europe, North America, and Asia, with over 1.800 employees supported by a network of +20.000 linguists around the world. 

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