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AP Spanish students are no substitute for professional interpreters

When a group of Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish students in Martha’s Vineyard stepped in to act as impromptu interpreters for non-English-speaking migrants last week, mainstream media outlets presented it as a touching, good Samaritan-esque detail in part of a larger, more unsettling story.

Proposed rule quashes Trump administration’s language access changes

After two years of advocacy from groups like the National Health Law Program (NHeLP) and the Association of Language Companies (ALC), a proposed rule was published this month, reversing the Trump administration's efforts to cut back on the ACA.

Global Interpreting Services Launches Program to Bridge Communication Gaps

Global Interpreting Services Launches Program to Bridge Communication Gaps eLearning course designed to teach law enforcement to effectively communicate  CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.: Global Interpreting Services...

Study says interpreters can bridge gap between doctors and LEP parents

A study recently published in JAMA Pediatrics showed that parents who have limited English proficiency (LEP) are less likely to feel comfortable asking doctors and other hospital personnel follow-up questions about their child’s care or treatment.

Sonoma County corrects erroneous translation of voter guide

Though the translation was grammatically and lexically sound, it provided Spanish-speaking readers with erroneous information, including misinformation on the deadline to return mail-voting ballots. The errors were not present in the original English versions of the document.

Caroline Remer becomes Boostlingo’s first Vice President of Language Access

Boostlingo, a leader in interpretation management and delivery technology, announced on Friday that it has promoted Caroline Remer as the Vice President of Language Access.

Department of Justice files statement of interest on language access and...

According to the plaintiff CNY Fair Housing, a nonprofit that advocates for tenants’ rights, an apartment complex in Syracuse refused to rent apartments to individuals with limited English proficiency. Because this case could have implications for the country’s wider LEP population, the DOJ released a statement of interest explaining the ways in which restricting LEP is a violation of the FHA.

Hong Kong legal system ditches English translations

A recent South China Morning Post report suggests that Hong Kong’s legal system has not been adequately transparent about providing English-language judgments in recent months.

New York attorney general calls on NWS to improve language access

Earlier this month, New York’s attorney general called on the National Weather Service (NWS) to improve its language access measures, in response to the disproportionate number of non-English speaking individuals who died during Hurricane Ida last summer.

After court ruling, New Mexico governor signs language access bill

The recent passage of House Bill 22 (HB 22) on March 1 will allow the state to pinpoint weak spots in the state’s language access services, in an effort to continue improving them. The bill will go into effect beginning July 1.

French-speaking Ottawa residents file complaints over language access at vaccine clinics

The local government of Ottawa’s French Language Services (FLS) branch saw an increased number of complaints regarding French language services in 2021, according to a report the branch compiled last week.

Massachusetts General Hospital clinicians detail language access strategy amid COVID-19

A paper recently published in the American Journal of Medical Care is shedding light on the importance of providing language access services in the healthcare setting — even before a patient makes their appointment.