A New Role for LSPs in the Field of Social Justice

Language barriers can hinder effective communication, limit access to essential services, and impede cultural exchange. What remains unclear is the extent to which such barriers can impact the lives of millions of people in ways that can be described as oppressive and discriminatory. Also not fully explored is the role that the language services industry has in creating a more inclusive culture where such impact can be reduced.

BIG Acquires Lawlinguists, Expands Legal Offering and European Presence

BIG Language Solutions, a leading global language service provider, announced today the acquisition of the Milan-based legal translation company Lawlinguists. The move expands BIG’s European footprint further into Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Hong Kong legal system ditches English translations

A recent South China Morning Post report suggests that Hong Kong’s legal system has not been adequately transparent about providing English-language judgments in recent months.