Localization Fireside Chat

Vancouver Localization User Group Launches With Meetup on May 14th

The VLUG announces its inaugural meetup event, connecting professionals in the localization industry for collaboration and innovation.

Localization Expert Don DePalma Featured in Localization Fireside Chat Episode

A conversation between Don DePalma, Chief Strategist at CSA Research, and host Robin Ayoub on Localization Fireside Chat.

Renato Beninatto Explores the Evolution of AI in the Localization Industry on The Localization Fireside Chat Podcast

In a recent episode of the Localization Fireside Chat podcast, Renato Beninatto, the Co-founder and Chairman of Nimdzi Research, sat down with host Robin...

An In-Depth Conversation With Lionbridge CEO John Fennelly

This insightful discussion on the Localization Fireside Chat podcast delved into Fennelly's distinctive journey within the language industry and the transformative initiatives spearheaded by Lionbridge.

Federal Translation Bureau of Canada CEOs Discuss Vision and Challenges

The Localization Fireside Chat podcast hosted a conversation with former and current CEOs of the Federal Translation Bureau, shedding light on their experiences, accomplishments, and visions for the future of the language industry in Canada.

Bryan Montpetit Launches Consulting Firm for Localization Mid-Market

"I am thrilled to launch Growth Strategies consulting and share my knowledge and experience with companies and individuals seeking growth in the language industry," Montpetit states.

Blackbird.io Revolutionizes Industry with Workflow Orchestration Platform

Toronto, Canada – September 08-2023 – Blackbird.io, a ground-breaking startup in the language industry, is set to revolutionize the way businesses connect and automate...

Localization Fireside Chat Explores Boston AI’s Innovative Role in the Language Industry

In a recent podcast interview with Robin Ayoub, the host of the Localization Fireside Chat, Matt Grotenstein shed light on the latest strides taken...

A Gateway to a Brighter Future Experts Discuss the Importance of Early Language Learning

Toronto Canada, August 18, 2023 — In a recent episode of the Localization Fireside Chat podcast, language experts Carrie Fisher and Robin Ayoub discussed...