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Los Angeles Chargers reverse-localize schedule release with anime spot

What if you could turn the concept of localization on its head and use a distinctly foreign culture and language to make a local product look even cooler? Well, it’s exactly the kind of reverse-localization tactic the trail blazers at the Los Angeles Chargers seem to have pulled off.

Mayor of Los Angeles mandates improved language access measures

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, California recently signed an executive directive mandating improved language access measures throughout the city. “The moment demands that we institutionalize my administration’s language access policies and practices by establishing a citywide language access program in the City of Los Angeles that is centered on equity and zeroes in on cementing a foundation for future advancement by setting a clear path to safeguarding the extraordinary progress that we have already made,” Garcetti writes.

CIELO Translating Pandemic Info into Indigenous Languages

Indigenous communities in LA have experienced a lack of support during the COVID-19 crisis. CIELO has made a concerted effort to address the problem,...