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memoQ Introduces Accessibility Enhancements for Linguists who are Visually Impaired

memoQ, a leading provider of translation management solutions, announces significant enhancements aimed at improving accessibility for linguists who are visually impaired. Using a translation management...
Mugais Jahangir

Mugais Jahangir

"Being at the center of the continuous evolution of technology at memoQ, I find great satisfaction in contributing to the growing influence of localization in our globalized society."
István Lengyel

István Lengyel

"I am very thankful to all the early adopters of innovation and to those people who have supported and challenged me, because challenging is caring."

Balázs Kis on memoQ’s Evolution: Cloud, AI, and User-Centric Innovations

Discover how memoQ addresses data and cloud security and how Balázs Kis sees the future of translation technology.

12 Translation Management Systems

What makes a translation management system (TMS) unique? Which one fits the needs of my business? We compare 12 prominent TMSs based on features like pricing, file formats, deployment models, and APIs.

Optimizing Machine Translation Post-Editing Workflows with memoQ’s AIQE Functionality

First introduced earlier this year, AIQE provides quality estimation scores for texts that are translated through MT engines in memoQ TMS. These quality estimates are made available via integrations with ModelFront and TAUS.

memoQ to Release Generative AI Translation Automation Tool

memoQ is developing a novel approach to translation automation called Adaptive Generative Translation (AGT), to be released later this year. memoQ invites users to express their interest by signing up on the waitlist to try memoQ AGT prior to the launch.

memoQ RFP, Inc. Receives Strategic Investment from memoQ

memoQ announces strategic investment in memoQ RFP to revolutionize the RFP response process. memoQ, a leading provider of a Translation Management System (TMS) is proud...

Patent-pending Generative AI-based translation technology from memoQ

Budapest, September 6, 2023 – memoQ, developer of the memoQ Translation Management System, has filed a patent application for a new generative AI-based translation...

TAUS-memoQ Partnership Enables Machine Translation Quality Estimation in memoQ

SPONSORED — TAUS and memoQ have partnered to make the TAUS DeMT™ Estimate API available in the new memoQ release, enabling machine translation quality estimation.

Attend the 20th Anniversary CLIA Conference Virtually!

The Canadian Language Industry Association (CLIA) will host its annual conference at McGill University in Montreal on Thursday May 25, 2023. For those who...

Meet memoQ TMS – the only translation management system you’ll ever...

memoQ TMS is available in three different deployment options to ensure maximum security and to make sure that organizations take full advantage of the solution.

Solve the localization puzzle with Memsource

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