A Tale of Pigs Wolves and Ostriches

Magalhães draws a connection between the Big Bad Wolf character in fairy tales and the language industry’s fear of change. What better way for the protagonist to triumph than to confront those fears head-on?

The Silent Exodus

On Jan. 21, 2008, the body of Mrs. Mary Jones was committed to the earth. She was the last speaker of Eyak, once a traditional language spoken in Alaska. Her language was buried with her.

UNM launches research center to support acquisition of Diné and other Indigenous languages

When it comes to language learning, young children’s abilities are unparalleled. Their well-documented capacity to quickly acquire a language’s structures — whether that be...

Translating scientific jargon into Navajo

As the scientific community largely publishes in high-resource languages, languages like Navajo have been left behind, making it hard to translate scientific work adequately.

Conference to Highlight Language Access Issues in Arizona

Arizona State University (ASU) is slated to host a nationwide conference for translation and interpretation professionals later this month, with a particular emphasis on...

Tribes Lead the Way in COVID-19 Vaccinations

Across the United States, various First Nations tribes are way ahead of their state and federal counterparts in COVID-19 vaccinations. After being hit particularly...