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The Week in Review: April 14, 2023

The state of California is hard at work to improve the state’s language education programming — earlier this week, the state opened up applications...

After court ruling, New Mexico governor signs language access bill

The recent passage of House Bill 22 (HB 22) on March 1 will allow the state to pinpoint weak spots in the state’s language access services, in an effort to continue improving them. The bill will go into effect beginning July 1.

New Mexico officials pursue language solutions for state services

Source NM reports that non-English-speaking New Mexico residents are struggling to navigate housing, food, and healthcare systems in the state, resulting in delays for obtaining state aid. Following a lawsuit by the Center for Law and Poverty, public officials are working on potential solutions. 

New Mexico introduces bill to increase pay for Native American language...

House Bill (HB) 60 would essentially allow fluent speakers of Native American languages the opportunity to receive a teacher’s salary without needing a teaching credential.

New Mexico’s Language Access Services Best in U.S.

In its recently released Justice Index, the National Center for Access to Justice (NCAJ) named the state of New Mexico as the number one...