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Nimdzi Insights officially named Data Partner by Statista

Language services and localization market research firm Nimdzi Insights is officially taking the title of Data Partner with consumer data company Statista.

Study assesses machine translation for marketing purposes

A new study from Weglot and Nimdzi Insights suggests that machine translation (MT) is more accurate than some people might expect.

Translation and Localization Industry Leaders Pack Their Bags to Attend International...

After a Covid hiatus, international conferences are back in order, and the translation and localization industry is not late to the global game. 

45.7% of Language Companies are Looking for Investment, Reports Nimdzi Insights

Reports from the Nimdzi 100 show the continued gain in momentum for investment and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in 2021. 

17% of Translation Companies in the Nimdzi 100 Ranking are Woman-Owned...

Nimdzi Insights, a market research and international consulting firm, draws attention to the woman-owned companies in the language services industry using data from the recently-published report. The research ranks the top 100 language service providers and expands on the success and trends of the industry.

KUDO Marketplace Listed On TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021

KUDO, the New York City-based company behind KUDO Marketplace, was recognized earlier today as one of the 100 most innovative inventors of 2021 by...