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The Only Irish Language Act in Town

If you’ve been reading Thomas Gilmartin‘s great piece on MultiLingual Insights about the deadly seriousness of the status of the Irish language in Northern Irish politics, or been amazed by the kind of mighty passions that can arise over the Irish for “selfie”, then you might consider that RuPaul is exactly the kind of language act we need to see more of on the island of Ireland.


Northern Ireland’s current language crisis

The current cultural conflict in Northern Ireland, and, in particular, the argument over the status of its languages, is at the core of a political crisis regarding restoring the power-sharing assembly.


Ich Bin Ein Taoschnó

Yes, taoschnó. That’s the answer to the Twitter question (asked by @patricox) “How do you say donut in Irish? Some Irish cops want to know.” Thanks to @aonghusoha for the translation into Irish (Gaeilge). The question was prompted by the news that members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland are lining up to learn...


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