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BLEND launches 2022 Localization Hall of Fame

What do Canva, Spotify, and Shopify have in common? All three are among the 12 companies inducted into BLEND's 2022 Localization Hall of Fame this week.

Musixmatch is making podcasts more accessible

Musixmatch is venturing into a less melodic realm of audio content: podcasts. To help make podcasts more accessible — both for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and individuals who simply wish to read, rather than listen to, the content in a podcast — Musixmatch is generating transcriptions of podcasts.

Song title translation on Spotify complicates search for users

Spotify recently addressed user concerns regarding the automatic translation of song names into English, making titles in languages such as Chinese particularly difficult to find on the platform.

The Economist shares data on English’s role in global pop culture

Data journalists at The Economist used information from Spotify to identify several trends in how local communities across the world listen to music — while English-language music remains quite popular worldwide, its popularity appears to be declining, as local audiences begin to turn more to music performed in their native language.