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Ghent University adopts SubtitleNEXT to equip students for the future

Europe’s prestigious Belgian Ghent University has invested in the SubtitleNEXT platform for the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication to further empower students. 

Euro Media Group relies on SubtitleNEXT to support expanding Digital Services

The SubtitleNEXT platform is used for captioning offline content in real time and is embraced by a growing number of broadcast and film industry professionals across the globe.

SubtitleNEXT introduces new features in 5.11 update

A subtitle toolset developed by PBT EU, SubtitleNEXT opens the year with a major update in its Version 5.11 release. Despite hurdles presented by the pandemic, the new update brings a host of new tools for software users. 

SubtitleNEXT Version 5.11 Kick-Starts 2022

PBT EU kick-starts 2022 with a brand-new release of SubtitleNEXT Version 5.11 that further equips subtitling, captioning, and localization specialists with an array of stunning innovative toolsets at their fingertips.

SubtitleNEXT attracts attention at APTRAD and The Languages & the Media...

3 October 2021, Sofia, Bulgaria  - The SubtitleNEXT team is proud to celebrate a successful outcome after attendance as official Exhibitor Partner and premium sponsor of...