TranslateMe Launches Translation Validation Pipeline

The pipeline will allow TranslateMe to utilize machine translation, but with a validation network of human translators that works on a token-based system.

TranslateMe recently announced its plans to launch its network marketplace to improve its translation services. The launch comes as TranslateMe upgrades its platform by adding a validation pipeline for its telegram proof of concept and its contributors.

Combining machine translation to drive down translation costs with the validation of the contributor pipeline, TranslateMe expects to raise the quality of translation of all content through the validation pipeline, claiming that the translation portal will provide near-perfect translation.

“This will be a real service and use case for TMN. The final step will be to move our validation pipeline into a smart contract,” said TranslateMe in a statement. “This will secure and manage proof of translation. Proof of translation will be used to ensure the contributors claimed value is authenticated by our smart contract. Contributors will earn for fixing errors in machine-translated sentences, voters will be rewarded for validating the best suggestion, and finally staking nodes will be rewarded for distributing validation data.”

Translators can participate as validators on the marketplace and be rewarded in TranslateMe’s NEP-5 TMN token. The company will write its validation process, which it calls “Proof of Translation,” into a smart contract that handles voting logic and token reward distribution. The validators will be able to suggest improvements and review each other’s edits, voting on the most accurate before the job is completed. Eventually, the company hopes to expand the token system to 140 countries.

“Essentially we will be creating a smart contract that will link an input sentence with a validation step of multiple contributors and a final result of a perfect translation,” TranslateMe noted. “The entire contract could be included on any translation platform as a better approach to outsourcing or any system that needs high-quality translation results without the hassle of verifying work or working with actual translators. The utility payment value for this process will be TMN.”


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