Translayte Announces White Label Partnership for Certified and Sworn Translations

Translayte, a specialist in certified and sworn translations, is excited to announce the launch of its White Label platform. This platform, developed in collaboration with notable LSPs from several markets, is designed to improve how certified and sworn translations are sold and delivered. It offers a fully customizable self-service solution for our partners and their clients.

Solving Common Problems through Partnerships

Delivering certified translations quickly, profitably and at scale requires the ability to handle large volumes of lower-value orders and a high degree of automation. Some of the challenges LSPs face when trying to do this are:

  • Difficulty leveraging MT or OCR tools when processing personal documents.
  • Handling lower-value individual customers, who may have more urgent needs and complaints compared to larger clients.
  • Navigating complex certification and notarisation requirements for multiple countries alongside different delivery processes.
  • Inability to provide instant quotes when customers need quick order turnaround.

Current translation management systems (TMS) don’t solve these problems, which often forces LSPs to deliver these orders at a loss, charge higher fees, or turn away individual clients.

Translayte’s White Label partnership aims to solve these problems by offering a variety of features designed to enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction. These include:

  • A fully customizable, self-service ordering platform for clients, that facilitates easy online ordering and boasts improved conversion rates.
  • Expanded service offering supporting certified and sworn translations accepted in over 26 countries, with add-on shipping, notarization, and apostille services.
  • A hybrid delivery model where partners can choose to deliver by themselves, with Translayte, or allow Translayte to handle the delivery completely. 
  • Support for branded websites, emails, and certifications, allowing partners to maintain their brand identity. 
  • Customizable pricing and services to fit specific needs, and the ability to seamlessly integrate into the partner’s website and TMS. 

Orders can be delivered faster with AI-powered systems handling support, translation, quality assurance, and delivery. The platform provides 24/7 support and delivery, including weekends and public holidays while being secure and GDPR compliant. 

Flexibility and Reach

What sets Translayte’s platform apart is its incredible flexibility and global reach. It allows for customization to meet each partner’s unique needs. This means our partners can improve their services and expand their reach without the technical investment or usual complications. Our network includes over 5,000 certified and sworn translators, ensuring high-quality and reliable translations for any need.

“We are excited to share this technology and grateful for our partners who trusted us during this process,” said Tayo Ademolu, CEO of Translayte. “Our platform not only simplifies complex translation processes but also builds a global network, opening up new opportunities for LSPs to grow, collaborate and leverage AI in meeting the complex demands for certified translations globally.”

Prestigious Partnerships

Translayte has joined forces with a distinguished roaster of LSPs to bring this platform to life. Our launch partners, who have already started seeing results, include:

These partnerships signify a major step towards enhancing the capacities of LSPs by leveraging the power of AI and automated workflows. Our partners are now able to expand their products and brands, offering certified translations both within their countries and, for the first time, internationally. This improvement in efficiency and customer satisfaction is a testament to the platform’s capabilities.

About Translayte

Translayte is a specialist provider of certified translation services, combining the power of AI, Automation, and a global pool of certified translators and partners to deliver exceptional language solutions. We make ordering translations easy, offer competitive pricing, and ensure quick delivery. As the translation partner of choice for individuals, professional services, and enterprise clients, we are committed to meeting the needs of customers globally.

For more information about Translayte and its new white-label platform, please visit [] or contact [].

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