Voicing the Unvoiced: AI-based technology to revolutionize audio localization industry

Voiseed’s new virtual voice engine will allow audio content creators to easily and affordably produce unique, expressive voices in another language.

In the past, substandard dubbing for movies and games and unnatural computer-generated customer support service voices were the norm. Today, consumer demand for high-quality, realistic localization — the translation and transformation of content into their own languages and cultures — is growing rapidly with ever tighter deadlines. Industries, such as publishing, gaming, video-on-demand, advertising, and e-learning spend vast amounts of time and money to localize their content and marketing in more and more languages and are struggling to cope with the global demand.

“Voiseed is a startup focused on creating new AI-based technology to synthesize controllable expressive speech in multiple languages with multiple voices. This technology will be the core engine for the development of specific solutions and applications to create and localize expressive voice content for multiple markets and verticals, with the primary aim to “Voice the Unvoiced.”

-Andrea Ballista, Voiseed Co-Founder & CEO

Recently chosen as one of 65 innovative start-ups in the new European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program to receive more than 3 million EUR in grant funding and equity investment, Voiseed’s deep learning technologies, plus multi-character and multilingual voice emotional features, allow content creators to synthesize natural and emotional character voices on-demand via the web. Users will be able to craft unique voice textures, control the emotional profile of the voice performance, edit the target text in real-time, and transfer the style and emotion from any reference audio file into any language.

Voiseed’s full-time core development team brings years of experience in international voice production and localization in the entertainment market, AI research, software design, and global business management. Voiseed’s virtual voice engine will offer users a full range of innovative, comprehensive, and user-friendly expressive voice services.

About: Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Milan, Italy, Voiseed is focused on developing an AI-based virtual voice engine that mimics the emotions and prosody of human speech. To find out more or to try a cloud-based prototype for voice dubbing, contact Voiseed today.

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