Vuzix Smart Glasses Selected for Translation Solutions

Expanding its e-Sense productivity solution, Rozetta Corporation has selected Vuzix Smart Glasses for a project to create a COVID-19 solution for hospital healthcare.

As the technology sector continues to develop new uses for machine translation, smart glasses have caught on as a useful, hands-free device to help users from a multitude of industries communicate and seek information. Looking to extend the functionality of smart glasses in construction and health sites, Rozetta Corporation has selected Vuzix Smart Glasses for two translation-related solutions.

A Japanese supplier of translation products and services, Rozetta chose Vuzix to provide its M400 Smart Glasses for project called e-Sense, which Rozetta began as a collaborative effort with Tobishima Corporation, a global construction firm. e-Sense will utilize the Smart Glasses to deliver automatic simultaneous interpretation, remote communications, and support and the recording of voice, text, images, and video.

Rozetta first formed e-Sense as a productivity solution for of construction sites through automatic interpretation, leveraging big data for a multifunctional hands-free system. However, Rozetta also plans to use e-Sense to serve as a tool for risk mitigation at hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it possible to reduce crowding and limit close contact interactions. Additionally, e-Sense will likely expand to other industries, such as manufacturing, security, aviation, and any industry that could take advantage of its hands-free operation and data gathering.

Separately, Rozetta announced that it would begin a collaborative research effort with St. Luke’s international Hospital in Tokyo, which would deploy the Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses with its T-4PO Medicare product. With the rising need of translation and interpretation between foreign patients and medical practitioners in Japan, the use of an automatic translation system may streamline hospital communications.

“Vuzix Smart Glasses are a natural solution for hands-free language translation, and we are delighted to have an established translation solution provider such as Rozetta using them for two different applications that could each ultimately represent broad usage opportunities for us within their respective market verticals,” said Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix.

Initially supporting Japanese, English, and Vietnamese translation, e-Sense plans to extend its support to other languages.

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