Way2Global among the finalists at the 2023 Oscars for Sustainability Reporting

Way2Global is a small language service provider (LSP) based in Milan, Italy, that ranked second among the three finalists at the 59th edition of the Oscars for Sustainability Reporting in the Benefit Corporations category on December 15 at Palazzo Mezzanotte, the headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange.

The Oscars for Sustainability Reporting are a prestigious initiative promoted by Ferpi (the Italian Public Relations Federation), the Italian Stock Exchange, and Bocconi University to reward companies that report their performance in a transparent way, share it with stakeholders, and use reporting as a lever for advocacy and promotion of sustainable development.

Way2Global is both an early adopter of the statutory form of Benefit Corporations and a certified B Corp that is committed by statute to integrate systemic value creation and pursuit of the common good into its definition of profit.

Sustainability reporting is a key step in the journey to sustainability

Way2Global is a small enterprise willing to spread a new business culture that is based on sustainability. It leads by example by growing into a regenerative change-maker. Way2Global’s first steps on this journey involved starting to measure itself.

In its role as a native Benefit Corporation, Way2Global had to comply with the major requirement of drafting an annual Impact Evaluation Report to publicly trace its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance against all stakeholders.

As a small company, Way2Global was not obliged by law to draw up a proper sustainability report, yet founder and CEO Laura Gori wanted to voluntarily fulfill this obligation because she deemed it to be a driver of change and sustainability.

Gori states, “The Sustainability Report is the ultimate expression of the spirit and regenerative business culture in our company’s DNA. For us, it is a precious tool for strategic development and communication. Our reporting reflects our history, our values, our performance, and above all our Benefit soul.”


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