What does TWB’s expansion mean for the global community?

The Translators without Borders (TWB) story began 10 years ago. TWB helps people get vital information, whatever language they speak, utilizing a community of more than 60,000 linguists ready to give their time and skills to build a world without language barriers.

Over the past five years, TWB has grown as an organization, expanding its work beyond what the TWB name implies. With CLEAR Global, they hope the breadth and depth of our innovative work to be more visible. CLEAR Global complements TWB, highlighting our rigorous and innovative research to make sure people who speak marginalized languages are truly listened to and can get the information they actually need and want.

CLEAR stands for:

  • Community: An amazing community of volunteers working with us to support communities speaking a marginalized language globally.
  • Language: Language as a primary tool to create a more just world.
  • Engagement: Engaging local-language speakers to drive more sustainable change, and enable two-way communication.
  • Accountability: Standing behind people, actions, and community, acting responsibly, inclusively, and respectfully.
  • Reach: Reaching as many people as possible in order to help them improve their lives, and bring the 4 billion currently excluded into the global conversation.

With TWB at the core, CLEAR Global will still be translating and producing important content for nonprofits and aid organizations working with people experiencing crises or challenges. The CLEAR Tech and CLEAR Insights teams will work to build AI- and machine-learning-based language technology solutions, and do research and advocacy, respectively.

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This renewed focus on language technology and data will help scale communication solutions more effectively. A focus on data and insights will help discover what information people actually need, how they want it delivered, and how they use it.

2021 is a crucial year to revolutionize the role of language and communication in humanitarian action. The potential is huge. To that end, CLEAR Global launched a fundraising campaign, with the aim of raising $20,000+ to achieve this mission — helping people get vital information, and be heard, no matter what language they speak.

If you’re interested in helping, you can make a donation today.

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