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I just came across this article on the ctv.ca website about the enforcement of a decades-old law in Quebec which requires companies in the province to use French names: “The Quebec government is getting ready to launch a campaign this fall against big-box stores and their stubbornly English names.”

I refuse to get drawn in to the issues on this debate. It is fraught with a passion that I, as a monolingual US citizen, find a bit intimidating.

But, take a look at the graphic used in this posting:

Did they not see the irony of displaying a picture of a “stubbornly English name” store whose name is partially French — at least in derivation?


Donna Parrish
Publisher of MultiLingual, Donna Parrish is also co-organizer of the LocWorld conferences. Coming into the language industry from a background of mathematics and computer programming, she has an appreciation for the wizardry of language technology and an awe for linguists.

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