Wordly Enhances Translation Platform With New Wordly Glossary Features

Now you can take more control over translation output with enhanced Wordly Glossary capabilities. The Glossary is built with patent pending technology and seamlessly integrated into the Wordly AI-powered translation platform.

3X Translation Glossary Power

The Glossary provides 3 powerful tools to increase translation quality and customization:

  1. Boost – trains the engine to recognize difficult terms, including names (people, products, organizations) and industry terminology.
  1. Block – trains the engine to block terms which are inappropriate for your audience including slang or profanity.
  1. Replace – trains the engine to replace names or terms associated with your business which are often mis-translated into the exact output you want. For example, if your company name was “Boyle”, it may often get translated as “Boil”. With Glossary Replace, you can train the AI Translation Engine to deliver the word “Boyle” in the caption results.

It only takes a few minutes to create the Boost, Block, and Replace lists and you can easily expand them over time – as well as share with other users in your organization. Once you create a glossary it will automatically work in real-time to help tailor the translation output to meet the needs of your organization. You can create multiple Glossaries to tailor the translation based on the needs for individual events. 

All three glossary features are accessible from the Wordly Portal and available to all subscribers for no additional charge. 

Check out all the features in the AI-powered translation platform.

For more information, visit https://www.wordly.ai/.

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