XTM International Acquires Rigi

XTM International, the leading provider of translation management software (TMS) to enterprise organizations, today announced the acquisition of Boxma IT BV (trading as Rigi).

Rigi was founded in 2013 to simplify the localization of software applications. The cloud-based technology provides unique, dynamic visual previews and requires no code changes. Customers using Rigi see 70% fewer queries from translators, and developers spend up to 90% less time supporting translation and language testing processes.

The acquisition of Rigi extends XTM’s localization capabilities for all software user interfaces (UIs). With Rigi, translators can see UI texts in a dynamic contextual preview, helping them remove the ambiguity of the text and ensuring more accurate translations in less time. Together with XTM’s translation management system, the whole translation process is streamlined, resulting in a better localized product reaching the market more quickly and less expensively.  

“At XTM, we’ve had tremendous success providing localization technology to leading software and technology companies,” said Ian Evans, CEO of XTM. “With Rigi now part of XTM, we’re able to provide a more powerful localization platform by offering the most scalable, enterprise-grade translation management system, XTM Cloud, combined with powerful, dynamic contextual previews using Rigi. Ultimately, our customers will achieve more efficient and accurate translations, and reach more users around the world.”

“Our mission at Rigi has always been to provide each stakeholder in the localization process with full information to enable efficient collaboration and better translation outcomes,” said Henk Boxma, CEO of Rigi. “After working with XTM on many projects, I’m excited to officially join forces with XTM so we can continue to innovate and bring our technology to more organizations.”

A webinar will be hosted on Wednesday, November 29, at 3:00 PM GMT / 10:00 AM EST to share more information about the acquisition and demonstrate the combined power of XTM Cloud and Rigi. Registration is available here.

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